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We often get asked what the best way is to connect us to someone that is looking for Real Estate help, because our past clients and friends love sharing us and they want us to help the people they know.

Unfortunately, just giving them our information many times does not work out. They lose it, forget, or just put off reaching out to us until they get in a bad situation and it’s too late.

The BEST way to connect us with your friends, family, neighbors, co-workers…even someone you just met…is to…

Text or Email us AND them at the same time to introduce us. Here’s a starter email draft …click below…


If you prefer, you can just give us their info and we’ll casually follow up from there. Call, Text, or Email us ANYTIME…or click the quick form below…


We will respond with a brief “hello” and let them know that we are here when they need us. You know we will treat them just as good as we did you